[Nitro] new file based cache

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Sun Jan 14 11:26:56 EST 2007


> I took a stab at rewriting the file cache handler (since the current one
> breaks every day for me :(   ). I ended up using PStore in the standard
> lib. The attached patch adds a new cache type (:pstore) which can be
> enabled the usual way. Please try the patch out and tell me what you think.

this is a very good idea and very welcome!  Always good to use the standard
lib.  :P

> Suggestions, comments and improvments are most welcome! :)

I hope George can include this so it gets included in the next release.  I
myself won't be able to look at anything before my exams...

What I really find nice, that more people are coming to nitro again.  :)
Last on irc were 5! 'new' people.  :)  Might not seem much at first, but
given our record of only old time lurkers there, this is actually very
good.   /me likes :D


Feel the love

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