[Nitro] Lighttpd and Fastcgi, innovative work flow

Malte Milatz malte at gmx-topmail.de
Mon Jan 8 08:06:15 EST 2007

Jonathan Buch:
> George, could you add the `require 'socket'` at the start of the fcgi.rb?
> I's so minor I don't even want to make a patch for it.  :P

Please, may someone also look into the following (mentioned before)?
     1. Rename fcgi.rb to avoid name conflicts,
     2. Fix lhttpd.conf and add comments anywhere where the user has to
        adjust a path,
     3. Cosmetic change: Use the same shebang in any executable *.rb
        that gen generates (and maybe make these files really
        executables, or generate a README file that clearly states to
        make them executable),
     4. Add an empty log directory in the Nitro proto.

> Anyway, glad you got it to work, Malte!

I'm glad about that, too. ;-)

> Do I have permission to copy your guidelines and put them up on the lighttpd
> tip on Oxyliquit?


Regards, Malte

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