[Nitro] Build scripts as modules or plain scripts

transfire at gmail.com transfire at gmail.com
Wed Jan 3 19:30:04 EST 2007

I'm cross posting this b/c it has to do with Ratchets:

I'm having a little debate with myself. On my current project I have a
bunch of little reusable task scripts that a command line tool runs.
The scripts are written as the top-level (although I actually simulate
the top-level when running them). So for example a script would just be
something like:

  # example.rb

  def example
    puts "This is an example!"

Then on the command line I would do:

  % mytool example
  This is an example!

That's all well and good, but many of the scripts have generally useful
routines and I would like them to be accessible by other programs too,
not just my command line tool. So I thoght maybe it would be better if
a module were required to wrap the defs.

  # another.rb

  module MyToolAnother

    def another
      puts "This is another!"


That works, of course, but it adds an additonal layer of essentially
redundant code, which IMHO is ugly.

Then I got to thinking. Why don't we write resuable lib in this fashion
anyway and just create our own containers on the fly when loading them?

  MyToolExample = load_as_module "example.rb"

What intersting about that is then we could determine in what capacity
it is to be used. For example:

  # adds module_function
  MyToolExample = load_as_function_module "example.rb"

  # adds self extend
  MyToolExample = load_as_self_extended_module "example.rb"

Or even

  MyToolExample = load_as_class "example.rb"

We could even have include and extend take a lib path.

  include "example.rb"

Of course this effectively puts encapsulation, at least at the top
level, on a per-file basis. But in many respects that seems kind of
nice. It increases flexability and reduces configuration complexity.

So what do your think? Is this technique worth promoting? Or am I being
silly and should just wrap all my scripts in modules?


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