[Nitro] Dir structure

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Tue Feb 27 16:41:41 EST 2007

On Feb 27, 5:47 am, "George Moschovitis"
<george.moschovi... at gmail.com> wrote:
> Ok,
> point taken, but I would like to keep Og simpler. There are so many
> things that could be implemented as mixins I don't want to include
> everything in the default distribution. I will think about this a bit
> more. I will most probably keep an Og namespace for mixins as you
> suggest.

Why so bare bones? I would think a user of Og would want to have
access to these Og specific mixins without having to install yet
another package (and would deter usage otherwise). I could understand
it if it was some esoteric mixin with a very specific usecase, but in
that case I would expect the mixin it to have it's own project all

As for Raw, of course any mixin that is specific to Raw belongs with
it too. If we put Raw specific mixin in Nitro then I don't think the
Nitro/Raw split was worthit in the first place.

Of course it a harder question for parts that use both Og and Raw, but
I suspect they would much less common, and would probably do just as
well as stand-alone projects, but if they are general/vital then Nitro
seems the place to be.

Query: Not that I would do this, I'm asking a theoretical quesiton
here: could one use Raw with ActiveRecord (no Nitro no Og)?


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