[Nitro] Dir structure

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Tue Feb 27 05:21:31 EST 2007


> But does really Taggable or Orderable belong to Og?

I think those have to be considered case by case.

>> > nitro/model/timestamped

This makes also sense in a non-raw environment.  Since it just
says when the Og model has been created/changed.  I would let this
remain in Og.

>> > nitro/model/webfile

Raw, makes no sense in Og alone and is a feature of Nitro.

>> > nitro/model/taggable

This is tricky, as it fits either way.  There is no Raw-specific
code in taggable itself (except one line of html) this would fit
into Og as well.  I'm sure someone would find a way of using tags
in a non-web-2.0 environment.  ;)

>> > nitro/model/orderable

Also tricky, but as with taggable, no code relying on Raw, only
on Og.  Having to have an ordered list might make sense without
Raw as well.

> > One drawback of this is that modules like optimistic_locking,
> > hierarchical etc, that useful for Og users that are not Nitro users
> > now would reside in the Nitro dir.

I'm not sure we should put all those in the nitro dir, hierarchical
as well doesn't depend on anything what nitro or raw has, only on
Og and also makes sense without them.  So, I vote for deciding case
by case, looking if they use any 'features' which make them depend
one one or the other and decide accordingly.


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