[Nitro] Recent bug

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Mon Feb 26 19:03:00 EST 2007


> And here's the patch bundle.

that's great!

> Is there any plan to convert tests into specs?  test2spec seems to be
> retired from rspec...

Too bad I don't have much experience with rspec.  What I like about is:
the ability to specify human readable text as context/spec.  What I
find a little weird:  writing '@something.should_be_empty' instead of
'assert @something.empty?'.  The test::unit form is less opaque (for me)
than rspec, it 'looks and behaves' more like normal Ruby...

That said, I'm ok with using rspec exclusively.  When I get the chance
(between organizing stuff for going to finland) I will read a little
into rspec and try to learn by rspec'ifying my tc_controller_param stuff.

>> tc_store.rb is failing on my box now that I've pulled the repo.  It
>> looks like Og::Manager#store is returning nil, now?  Some of my own Og
>> based code is broken by this pull as well.  If no one else is working
>> on it right now, I'll continue to work on a fix.

This change was done because of the store-leak problem.  Though instead
of .with_store I'd rather had liked to use .store(&block) instead of
.with_store(&block) and make .get_store/.put_store private (only to be
used by .store).


Feel the love

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