[Nitro] Raw

James Britt james.britt at gmail.com
Mon Feb 26 00:16:55 EST 2007

Jonathan Buch wrote:
> Hi,
>> No Wtf?  To go with oxywtf?
>> Web Transformation Framework
> I like it! ;D
> No, seriously, while I find 'Raw' not really 'saying something',
> I can't think of anything better.
> My vote would've been for staying with Nitro, but that vote is
> over already, so I won't argue.  :P  (As we had at least one
> rails person visiting #nitro who was quite confused about Nitro
> being both the web-framework and the 'name for whole project
> including Og'....)

I like Nitro for its imagery.   It conjures up speed and technology.

Maybe better to rename the web-controller part and call the whole 
package Nitro.

James Britt

"I can see them saying something like 'OMG Three Wizards Awesome'"
   - billinboston, on reddit.com

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