[Nitro] Og, serialized transactions?

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Sun Feb 25 05:28:13 EST 2007


> playerseen = PlayerSeen.find_or_create_by_iphost_oid_and_playername_oid_and_servername_oid(iphost.oid, playername.oid,
> servername.oid)
> E.g.
> CREATE UNIQUE INDEX playerseen_unique ON PlayerSeen.table_name
> (iphost_oid, playername_oid, servername_oid);
> Is it possible to specify a multi-column unique constraint in Og?

sadly no, I stumbled on that too.  We need an interface to create
arbitrary indices (which could be used by the join-table-creation

Right now you can specify that index in sql and Og will not mess
with it.  George told me he'd revive the constraints for psql again
(like in 0.31, foreign keys etc).  So I hope he reads this here.
Maybe those two parts can be 'integrated'?  Ideas?


Feel the love

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