[Nitro] SVK instead of darcs?

Thomas Leitner t_leitner at gmx.at
Sun Feb 25 02:07:06 EST 2007

Hi all,

some time ago under the title "Nitro Development" there was a
discussion about moving from darcs to another revision control system.
I don't want to heat the discussion up again if everything's fine now
with darcs.

However, I came across SVK recently and took a few hours at looking at
it and I have to say: it really rocks!

First of all: after seeing this 'big picture' I was sold ;)

As one can see from the diagram, it would be possible to set up a
central master subversion repository. People with submit privileges
could then directly check in using a normal subversion client (however,
they have to be online). People using SVK would have the possiblity to
mirror the central repository locally, create a development branch,
commit to this branch offline as often as they like and then push the
changes to upstream master repository when they are online and have
commit privileges or create a patch against the master repository which
could be sent to a core developer for commiting. Also, merging should
be fairly good as SVK implements the star merge algorithm.

The main benefits I see for using SVK are:
* distributed (core developers could have local development repository)
* can use a SVN repository as master repository (most people can then
  easily download and use the edge version of nitro)
* people can either use SVN or SVK to work with it (better community
* import of DARCS repository possible
* good merging capabilities (star merge algorithm)

And last a quick start tutorial in three small parts:


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