[Nitro] Og, adapting postgresql to reorgnaization

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Thu Feb 22 17:10:21 EST 2007


>> I'm not sure we can make MySQL thread safe (as I think the standard table
>> type doesn't react on 'transaction' anyway).  Maybe we put a ruby-level
>> synchronized around that part?
> Trouble is, when you have a db involved, process level locks aren't
> really enough. Slows down execution without real benefit.  This is why
> MySQL's eternal claim that transactions were unnecessary has always
> galled me.

I read this as:  "Lets just leave mysql and it's users alone" ;D

Allright, I would be happy if you could find a way to make changes so we
get the old behaviour for psql again, making psql the 'premier' choice
again. ;)


Feel the love

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