[Nitro] New layout

transfire at gmail.com transfire at gmail.com
Thu Feb 22 13:32:27 EST 2007

> PS: I am still wondering if anyone has any comments regarding my changes in
> the directory structure etc...

Well, I don't get it. Now we have another project called 'raw' along
side 'nitro' and 'og', not to metion 'glue'. In the last discussion of
this it sounded like you were going to move all of nitro to this
subproject (ie. 'raw') and nitro would just a parent project. But from
the looks of the code 'nitro' is a another subproject too. It doesn't
make any sense to me. Can I use 'raw' by itself? Or does it represent
a plugin to nitro, where by other plugins might be substitued?

Also, why the name 'raw'?

While we're on the subject --I don't understand what's gogin on with
glue. We've all agreed to get rid of it more than a year ago, and yet
glue is still here. In fact it's in some sense worse b/c glue as a
project is still here, plus glue lib directories exit in both nitro
and og (and now raw). While perhaps a step in the right direction,
that's not getting rid of glue, that just masking it in other
projects. So *please*, could you do this: anything in a glue/ subdir,
move some where under og/ or nitro/ (or raw/), depending on what uses
it. So ther should be no more glue libs _at all_. If there is a glue
lib that is used by both Og and Nitro (or Raw) then let me know and
probably we can put it in Facets. If for some reason we can't put it
in Facets, then we either need to make it more generic so it can be
(and I'm willing to temporariary let that go, if we just make plans to
generic-ize a lib in the future); or we should consider why the lib is
needed by both Nitro and Og and yet is not general --is the lib is
truly needed?; or, worse case senario, have one version for Nitro and
one Version for Og (I suspect this will never happen, but it's an okay
last resort, espeically if it's a temporary measure).


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