[Nitro] uninitialized constant OgAdminController::Scaffolding

Gerald Ebberink g.h.p.ebberink at nclr.nl
Fri Feb 16 04:19:40 EST 2007

Hello everybody,


First of all I really like the idea of nitro, but somehow I can't seem to
get much of it in working order.


I have made two nice model classes and a small controller also I have
included the admin part.

Now if I go to http://localhost:9000/admin/og

And click on any of the links I get  :"uninitialized constant


What does this error mean and how can I get rid of it..


Also I'm trying the screen casts, and I can't even get those to work


Sorry for my bad English, It is not my native tongue.


Kind regards,



P.S. nitroproject.org seems to be broken, a lot of (error)'s like /blog

P.P.S I'm not able to create an account on nitroproject


Gerald Ebberink
Laser Technician

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The Netherlands

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Email:  <mailto:g.h.p.ebberink at nclr.nl> g.h.p.ebberink at nclr.nl

My Profile <http://www.linkedin.com/in/geraldebberink> 



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