[Nitro] Ratchets releases: projectinfo, exacto, autorake

Michael Fellinger manveru at weez-int.com
Thu Feb 15 03:48:15 EST 2007

On Sat, 10 Feb 2007 23:38:12 +0900, <transfire at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Feb 10, 4:56 am, "Jonathan Buch" <j... at oxyliquit.de> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> > and thanks for your great work. I am wondering if you could help the  
>> Nitro
>> > project and provide soem autorake files for Nitro and Og. Epscially  
>> this
>> > rake publish thing would be nice to have!
>> oh yes yes, a Rakefile, to also let these tests run on Firebrigade:
>> http://firebrigade.seattlerb.org/build/show/12012
>> This I guess only looks that way, because it doesn't know how to run our
>> tests.  With a Rakefile that won't be a problem anymore.
>> Only thing with Rake tests is, that it runs them in a single 'run',  
>> where
>> some tests interfere with one another.  A while back I minimized those
>> interferances, but I think some are still there.
> If Firebrigade can run the test task as defined by our Rakefile that
> won't be a problem. autorake's test task runs each test as a separate
> proccess.
> (You see, I've had this problem before too ;-)

Ok, after trying it... a couple of questions :)

- I need a way to say my tests are in spec/tc_*
- The MANIFEST lists all files, i got some non-ruby files as well, for  
which ruby -c fails, is there a way to only let it run over .rb files?
- How exactly do autorake and ProjectInfo cooperate? does autorake use my  
ProjectInfo automagically?

Maybe some more questions later... gotta go...
All in all it seems like a really nice rake that finally understands it's  
not only about tasks but about tasks for a specific project, i find that  
very positive :)

And thanks for all the fish.

^ manveru

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