[Nitro] Darcs troubles

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Tue Feb 13 12:14:18 EST 2007


> Comforting how, exactly?  Because the error messages are more casual?
> "You wrecked your repo, but that's fine with me!"  ;P

well, yes, kinda :P

> The thing I need most with Darcs right now is to see some good in it.
> Right now the only feature it gives me is bleeding edge Nitro + Og.
> What *is* good about Darcs?

Nah, well, darcs is imo just a breeze to use.  Creating new repos doesn't
need more than `darcs init` whereas I need to look up into handbooks for
other SCMs.  It's merely that I can remember all important commands.

I use darcs for all my projects nowadays, even if I'm the only one working
on them.  This gives me an overview on what I have done when and enables
me to have dev repos of it wherever I want them to be.  I can do work on
train where I have no internet connection and still record what I have done.
This is a feature of distributed SCMs and darcs is just one of those.

Darcs has the feature of letting me specify exactly what I want to publish
 from a single file.  Others only let you publish the whole file.

>> > On a related note, can I tell darcs to use an external merger?  I find the
>> > default behavior of clobbering source files mostly just confusing.
>> No idea on that.
>> You mean using an external merger when you do `darcs pull`?  When pressing 'p'
>> while pulling patches, you can look at the whole patch which is very useful.
> You do a darcs pull.  Darcs responds "x, y, and z have conflicts."
> Rather than have darcs "helpfully" add text to a source file, can I
> get it to open up (ideally) meld or xxdiff or something, and let me
> see the differences side by side?  And with the clear annotation that
> the left is old and the right is new (or local and remote, or
> whatever)?

Ah, gotcha now.

I find it often confusing with darcs, which 'block' of the conflict was
mine and which one was from others too.  :P

A conflict though is mostly the product of working on a repo differing
too much from the main repo in that area one worked on.
So, pull often from Georges repo, that minimizes the conflicts.  Don't
pull patches which George has reworked.  This kind of defeats the idea
of a 'distributed SCM'...

So, to come to an end:  To not get confused, don't produce conflicts!  :P

> (And has anyone else used monotone?)

Hm, nope.  Any good?  Differences, advantages?


Feel the love

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