[Nitro] Darcs troubles

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Tue Feb 13 09:40:26 EST 2007

On Feb 13, 6:52 am, "George Moschovitis"
<george.moschovi... at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am also considering the best way to organize Nitro in more manageable (and
> understandable) components. At the moment, I am thinking about switching to
> a Rails style organization:
> Nitro = the super-framework, integrates Gen, Og, Facets (the web, data, util
> sub-frameworks)
> Gen = What is currently Nitro
> and the user will be able to add additional plugins:
> nitro-mailer.rb
> nitro-navigation.rb
> etc, etc.
> plugins can define Gen, Og, Facets, functionality, Nitro parts and stuff
> like that. They will be distributed as gems.
> The Nitro directory will just contain some configuration docs, the nitro
> command, and the prototype application. All Web related code will be moved
> to the Gen (or if someone has a cool name suggestion let me know) namespace.
> Oh, and Glue will disappear in favor of Facets (unless Tom likes the name
> Glue and would like to use it somewhere)
> What do you think?

I think it's great! But... I don't really get the Nitro/Gen split. It
seesm to narrow on one side, so it doesn't really buy us anything.
Nitro is nothing without "Gen", so why make it separate? I'd rather
see the template engines each be a separate part:

  nitro         # contoller app
  nitro-nhtml   # nitro's <?r template sys. (name?)
  nitro-builder # builder template sys.
  nitro-rhtml   # eruby templates

And actually even parts for controller adapters:

  nitro         # core controller code
  nitro-apache  # apache adapter
  nitro-mongrel # mongrel adapter


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