[Nitro] Ratchets releases: projectinfo, exacto, autorake

George Moschovitis george.moschovitis at gmail.com
Fri Feb 9 15:08:44 EST 2007

Congrats Tom,

and thanks for your great work. I am wondering if you could help the Nitro
project and provide soem autorake files for Nitro and Og. Epscially this
rake publish thing would be nice to have!


On 2/9/07, transfire at gmail.com <transfire at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi--
> I've released three ratchets' project today.
> projectinfo
> ==========
> This is the ProjectInfo class (which was born from reap) it's doesn't
> do anything on it's own. It's a support library for providing
> encapsulation of project information --it's quite extensive however,
> and somewhat unique in functionality. Also it can load up from a YAML
> configuration simply by
>   ProjectInfo.load
> As long as your somewhere down in your project directory this will
> find it and load it up. (FYI, for the moment you have to create
> ProjectInfo files by hand. To make it easier just copy the one from
> projectinfo itself and edit to suit your needs.)
> exacto
> ======
> This is a independent tool for extracting code from comments.
> Presently is only support =begin {handle}...=end comments, though I
> plan to make it more capable in the future. handle defaults to "test",
> which makes it a cinch to run embedded tests. Use it like this:
>   $ exacto myfile.rb | ruby
> It also incudes a shortcut for the above called 'exrb'
>   $ exrb myfile.rb
> autorake
> ========
> This is main part of rathcets i've been working on. i decided to scale
> back a little and use rake as the task execution system (in the future
> I may split out the internal Project class (as reap?) that does all
> the work, but there sill some details to address with that). if you
> used reap in the past then you essentially know how to use autorake
> except it's more polished now. quick example:
>   ~/ruby/autorake$ rake -T
>   (in /file/trans/my/code/ruby/ratchets/src/autorake)
>   AutoRake 0.4 beta
>   rake announce   # Make a release announcement
>   rake changelog  # Produce changelog (None)
>   rake check      # Rundown checklist
>   rake diff       # Verify the manifest
>   rake install    # Local setup & install
>   rake loads      # Test loadpath dependencies
>   rake manifest   # Generate package manifest
>   rake notes      # Compile developer notes
>   rake pack       # Build all packages
>   rake prepare    # Full preperations cycle
>   rake publish    # Publish website (Rubyforge)
>   rake rdocs      # Generate local rdocs
>   rake release    # Release packages (Rubyforge)
>   rake ridocs     # Generate local ri docs
>   rake stats      # Code count analysis
>   rake syntax     # Run syntax check
>   rake test       # Run isolated unit test
>   rake tests      # Extract embedded tests
>   rake version    # Calculate version (None)
> All you need is a ProjectInfo file in you project's root dir, and a
> Rakefile that starts with:
>    require 'autorake'
> Couple of quick notes b/c I haven't done docs yet. The (None) you see
> means there is no SCM being used. If I were using Darcs for the
> AutoRake project it would say (Darcs) and could generate a version
> stamp and a changelog automatically via 'darcs' (file names default to
> VERSION and CHANGES). Subversion is not yet supported but that's next
> on the todo list (would any would like to make the adapter? :-) rdocs
> and ridocs, by default are stored in doc/rdoc and doc/ri,
> respectively. notes generate TODO and FIXME files in doc/ as well. The
> check task runs diff, syntax, loads and test, in that order; prepare
> runs changelog, version, manifest and then pack. Currently I'm using
> Rake's packaging system which is a little messy (IMHO) but it works
> well enough. Also, at the moment, only Rubyforge publishing and
> releasing is supported. On the todo list are generic versions of each.
> The only other major things it doesn't yet support is clean/clobber.
> This isn't a problem for pure ruby projects b/c internally  it uses an
> "ignore" configuration parameter to only include the appropriate files
> in the manifest and the package. but clean/clobber is on the todo
> list.
> Being initial public releases of course there will arise some issue,
> please let me know what you encounter so I can fix asap. Note these
> have only been tested on Linux. Also, always good advice: be safe and
> backup up your projects from time to time.
> T.
> P.S. Facets is of course is required ;-)
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