[Nitro] Error handling in ann_attr

nyarly at gmail.com nyarly at gmail.com
Thu Feb 8 18:28:10 EST 2007

As a quickie:  here's my buggy code:

class Hosted
  attr_accessor :response, HTTPResponse

Amusingly, this added #response, #response=, #HTTPReponse and

So first of all, I'm fascinated by how facets snagged the name of the
bogus constant I passed, but more significantly, I wish it had noticed
that what I meant to do was annotate :response with a class, and had
left off the module namespace.

I'm architecturally uncertain as to whether that catch belongs in
Facets or in Og, or I'd submit a patch.

(On that note, George: I'm assuming that the repo is still unstable
and I should put off patch work until it's stable again?)


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