[Nitro] Example Comments

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Thu Feb 8 14:21:19 EST 2007


>> I would like to request that code have examples put in the comments.
>> When working on something it's hard to understand how methods/classes/
>> modules are intended to work without some examples.

> I reckon using the "=begin  ... =end" construct is best for these
> documentation type comments.
>That may be what people intended, it never hurts to make the notion
> specific.

I very rarely see =begin =end in Ruby code.  If, then mostly to encapsulate
a bigger chunk of code which is not to be executed.

Using normal rdoc features (# and at least 4 spaces IIRC) you get a code
block which is presented nicely by rdoc.  I see no need for another kind
of documenting type.


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