[Nitro] Using Facets Builder

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Wed Feb 7 20:46:43 EST 2007

On Feb 7, 4:36 pm, "George Moschovitis" <george.moschovi... at gmail.com>
> Tom,
> I would like to get rid of Glue's implementation of Builder and use the
> Facets builder instead. Given the fact that I am working on other parts of
> Nitro/Og at the moment I am wondering if you (or someone else) can help me
> here. Youm most probably have to adapt the files:
> lib/nitro/helper/form
> lib/nitro/helper/xhtml
> lib/nitro/render

i'll have a look.

btw, what did you think of the new builder code? pretty sexy? ;-) the
neat thing is you just take a function module with all your helpers
and drop it in and wham -- it builds. at least that's the idea... not
lets see how it plays in the real world ;-)



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