[Nitro] Simpler configuration method?

Kirk Haines wyhaines at gmail.com
Mon Feb 5 12:32:30 EST 2007

> I still am unconvinced that there is a need to configure anything
> before it is instantiated (in the case of objects) or declared (in the
> case of classes).  Can we get a couple of examples?

Here's the use case:

You have a web site with public content and private content.  The
private content is by login only.  Your config file contains all of
the db connection information as well as all of your web app config

You are asked to write a script which checks the database for accounts
which have been approved, but which haven't been confirmed by the
subscriber, and which have been sitting for more than 96 hours.  You
would like to just reuse your main config file.  No sense duplicating
the db connect info elsewhere, right?

But you can't because you aren't starting the entire application
environment -- you are just using Og, so none of the Nitro specific
stuff that your config file has configuration for exists.

Kirk Haines

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