[Nitro] Singletons

transfire at gmail.com transfire at gmail.com
Mon Feb 5 11:52:32 EST 2007

On Feb 5, 1:58 pm, "Zed A. Shaw" <zeds... at zedshaw.com> wrote:

> Yeah, I'll be bringing this and other stuff up on the Mongrel list, but my comment was more that framework developers tend to assume they are THE ONE TRUE FRAMEWORK and don't play well with others.  It's be nice if they assumed otherwise and then it'd be easier for Mongrel to at least run multiple instances of the same framework but different apps in small installations.

I'd like to discuss this. How can be accomplished easily? I've been
thinking about it. Lets say we start off with:

  my_nitro_app = Nitro::Application.new( ... )

So now when I define other elements of my app, say a controller, or
module, how do they get tied into this instance?


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