[Nitro] Simpler configuration method?

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Mon Feb 5 02:33:24 EST 2007


>>   $nitro.server.root_dir = my_dir
> this is *exactly* what I have said...

No, it is not, your take at it was:  $Server_root_dir (or with alternative
$nitro_ prefix).
Using $nitro as a more complex object (OpenObject?) would enable the
above to work (maybe $nitro.server[:root_dir]).  I'd be ok with using a
single $global configuration object I guess, but I still don't feel
really convinced about that...

> Anyway, I will not   touch the current configuration system for the time
> being (until someone suggests a clearly better alternative).

Thank you :)


Feel the love

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