[Nitro] reap name 4 rake project

transfire at gmail.com transfire at gmail.com
Sun Feb 4 13:41:51 EST 2007

On Feb 1, 6:01 pm, transf... at gmail.com wrote:
> One of my infamous "please help me name this damn thing" posts....
> Alright, after lot of wrestling I've finally come to a conclusion and
> converted all my build tools to bonofide Rake tasks, along with an
> automator the sets these tasks up automatically based on one's
> ProjectInfo file (talk about coming full circle!) . I'm going to
> release the ProjectInfo class as a separate project (maybe others can
> build tools that key off of it too) and it will be a subrpoject of a
> larger project called Ratchets. Though I'm not sure if it will be
> "projectinfo.gem" or just "pinfo.gem" (opinions?) Anyway, I'm
> wondering what to call the project with these tasks? (Which will also
> be a subproject of Ratchets, btw) Should I stick with 'reap' even
> though the tasks are now for rake? Or should I use the new code name
> I've been developing them under, '4rake'. Or is there some other name
> that would be better? I like 'reap' b/c it's what I had been using --
> those already aware of it will recognize it. But I also like '4rake' b/
> c... well, b/c it's pretty dang obvious what it is for ;-)
> Suggestions?

Nobody? :-(

I'm down to the last and must decide, shall I release it as Reap v10,
or make a new project 4Rake v1.0, or some other name?

(Hmm... this uses rake so there would be no reap command any longer,
but it occured to me that I could wrap the rake command to make a reap


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