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nitrojesus.5.pistos at geoshell.com nitrojesus.5.pistos at geoshell.com
Thu Feb 1 12:34:21 EST 2007

On 01/02/07, Jonathan Buch - john at oxyliquit.de wrote:
> I would love, when everyone (even you, silent listener) could think
> of at least one part he would like documented and respond here.

More [short] screencasts, and beginner/intro level tutorials.  People
need to be able to dive in easily, so that they can get hooked on how
great Nitro and Og are.  :)

Things that I think tend to be good sales tools:
- Why Nitro? (and not something else)
- Why Og? (and not something else)

Perhaps add:
- Differences between Og and AR
- Differences between Nitro and ___

There should probably also be a cookbookish section for lookup of
snippets that answer "How do I <simple task>?"

For more advanced developers, maybe a graphical overview of the
pipeline of processing, from browser making HTTP request, to the
innards of Nitro, all the way back to the browser.  This would include
what classes are involved, etc.


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