[Nitro] Nitroproject.org

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Thu Feb 1 09:14:17 EST 2007


> * It will host the documentation

* rdoc
* static documentation
* wiki docs


Together with kotrin from #nitro we had planned a page for static
documentation already.  The design is already finished, and the domain
is supposed to be nitro-doc.com/org.

Reliable static documentation, always updated for a certain version of
Nitro is very much needed.  As a reference the django doc is great.

> * the discussions of this mailing list.

A complete threaded news reader?

> * Errors and info messaged in Nitro will point to the site.

This sounds like a good idea.

> * I would like to introduce a mechanism of automatically acquiring Nitro
> parts/components/plugins on demand from this site (something like an
> automatic gen)

Be aware that http://www.loxparts.de/ from us thrives to provide that.

> I would like to spend the next two weeks planning the site. I am especially
> looking for suggestions on the layout of the site. I want the site to be
> beautiful, simple and accessible. If anyone can provide links to comparable
> sites I would really appreciate it. Of course, general ideas are welcome as
> well!

For using the mailing list:  Integrating the bug tracker with the mailing list
would be the best, operating on tags ([BUG]/[PATCH]).

Similar pages, well, for docs the Django framework in python does this almost
perfectly imo. http://www.djangoproject.com/documentation/

/me goes back to learning for networking...


Feel the love

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