[Nitro] How to debug templates not being rendered?

Bill Kelly billk at cts.com
Tue Dec 18 14:07:38 EST 2007

From: "Bill Kelly" <billk at cts.com>
> However, when I strace my app, I don't see nitro ever trying to 
> read my template files.
> Not sure why.......
> At this point I guess I'll be putting some printouts in nitro
> and raw to try to understand how it works...  Any tips would be
> appreciated... :)


It was the debugging printout I had added to my controller method,
when things initially weren't working, that prevented it from ever
working again no matter what I tried... :(

Initially when my templates didn't render, I put a: print "fubar"
as the last line of my controller method.  So I could see the
"fubar" on the web page...

I didn't realize that would prevent templates from being processed
going forward....

LOL :(



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