[Nitro] Error Handling and Reloading

Arne Brasseur arne at arnebrasseur.net
Mon Dec 17 00:17:37 EST 2007

Matthew B Gardner schreef:
> This isn't working for me because, I think, the flash object is getting 
> cleared too early...here's the code:
> def handle_hfile
>     @h = request.assign(HelpFile.new)
>     if @h.body.empty?
>       flash_error "Something is amiss!"
>       flash[:form_data] ||= {}
>       %w(keywords).map {|w| flash[:form_data][w] = request[w]}
>       redirect_referer # :helpfile
>     else
> 	...
> end
> def helpfile
>     puts flash[:form_data] #=> nil
>     flash[:form_data] = NullClass.new if flash[:form_data].nil?
> end
> When #handle_hfile redirects to #helpfile, flash is nil -- I assumed that 
> flash would keep its data until the next request. I don't know if this is an 
> error on the part of Nitro or my code -- does anything stand out as 
> incorrect?
> Thanks for all the help thus far,
> -Mat
This looks good to me, but let me guess... I had the same problem using 
Firefox and a url http://localhost:9000, when I changed the URL to it worked. This could be the same problem. For 
some reason in the first case the cookie isn't sent back from the 
browser. I tried Konqueror and there both URL's worked. Could that be it?


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