[Nitro] Ogden

Trans transfire at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 15:56:36 EST 2007

Dear devs,

Per the desires of a number of you to see Og take on a project status
of it's own outside of the Nitro web framework, I have finally set up
a development fork for the community to hack on. If development goes
well, then this can serve as in the future as "Og 2". In the mean time
the current version will remains safe and sound in the darcs repo for
production use.

I've dubbed the new dev-repo "Ogden" for "Og Development Emancipated
from Nitro" (yea, I just made that up after the fact ;-)

Whomever would like to be involved in development please let me know.
I will be coordinating development for the time being --though I would
like to find someone else with ORM and Og experience that would like
to take on, at least part, of this duty.

As for a road-map. It remains to be see what the consensus is., but
I've modified the project TODO list for the things I know. The most
important of which is to clean up the meta-coding. Currently Og uses a
good bit of direct code injection, and we need to make these true
modules instead. I would also like to see how far we can get in just
simplifying some of the code. Beyond that, the sky's the limit.

With regard to the development process, all changes beyond minor fixes
will be relegated to branches, and we will take care to schedule
branches to reduce the potential of merge conflicts. So if you would
like to work on Og and have a significant change in mind, let me know
and we can set up the branch. For minor changes, of course, you can
still submit patches.

Right now I'm finishing up a modification to the way Ogden gets
required so it won't interfere with Og if you have both installed. I'm
just about done, and we should be good to go from there.

Ogden is using an SVN repo hosted on Rubyforge.


You can of course use SVN directly (as I will be for the time being,
but I would like to see us move toward using git-svn, so we can still
share patches is a distributed manor too.

Let me know if you have any questions.


(P.S. if you want dev rights, be sure to tell me your Rubyforge

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