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Hi William,

Thank you for your not very to the point yet constructive comments. ;) I 
see where you are getting at, I just would like to clarify my current 
stance, given the current situation and what I see as priorities 

This tutorial is aimed at people that know how to program, have a 
working knowledge of HTML/CSS, have at least used a bit of Ruby before 
and know what RDBMS stands for. In time more documentation will be 
written which might cater for others. For now I think it makes most 
sense to write like geeks like myself that might know their stuff but 
just don't know about Nitro, since these are the people we want to 
convert to the /light side of the force/. As more Jedis complete their 
training the force will grow stronger and it will become possible for 
mere mortals to tap into its infinite possibilities.

I personally would rather die than read another tutorial that tells me 
how to get water. I understand that there are people that need to be 
told where to get the water, what container to bring, how to fill it, 
etc. There are also many people that hit the "back" button once they 
realise they will be told, again, where the water is.

The Todolist is a simple example with one model, one controller. The 
simplest thinkable besides "hello, world". More tutorials will be 
written, in time.


* William schreef:
> Hey Ame :-)
> I like the tutorial idea -- I took a shot at something on a wiki page 
> before.  You can see that I have my own faults, so my comments are 
> purely for "better-ness", and good.  Also I'm putting on my "adult 
> trainer and workplace assessor" hat (not a programs need, XXX hat 
> *grin*).
> Here are some thoughts, in no particular order.  On Friday I took some 
> time out of my life to find a few little toys to use to explain 
> "classroom psychology" .... It is impossible to find "human" toy men 
> and toy women these days.
> I did find :: little 'magno-z <http://haireemagnoz.com/home.htm>' men 
> -- made from coloured pipe cleaners with funny faces and weird hair.  
> They are pretty cool, I plan to get some more.
>     * http://haireemagnoz.com/home.htm
> Consider these people as "the audience"; for your material.  I like it 
> because I can sit with Chinese people, or Americans, and say :: Here 
> is your class.  Here is your market.  Here is your (project/sports) 
> team  . . .
>     * What do they KNOW already?
>            (Foundation...)
>     * What pre-conceptions do they hold (NOW)? 
>       ... "Rails rules", "Google and NASA love Python", C++ is the
>       fastest, etc
>     * What THREE(3) things do I wish them to walk out of the room with?
>     * What  ONE(1) thing do I wish them to do , to ACT on, after class
>       (tutorial, advertisement, etc.)
> This understood, I tend to do that evaluation 2nd, or even 3rd (or -- 
> I used to).  It really matter-z.  Those wee 'magno-z 
> <http://haireemagnoz.com/home.htm>' figure men/women -- Don't know 
> where they can get to after our tutorial.  Make sense?
> There seem to be many assumptions in the tutorial.  And I was not sure 
> What "assumed knowledge" I might need.  Ordinarily most of that 
> context can be gathered.  NITRO, to me, is for non-database people to 
> get something up-and-running.
> I spent a very large chunk of my life looking for ways to deliver 
> results, and skip the technical gear, and ins and outs. I may be 
> taking a too-Right brained approach to this tutorial in that case.
> On the other hand, I'd like to see a real-world version of any data 
> structures used and where possible, a diagram or 30 diagrams. ;-)  If 
> you rec all where you began, "they"(tm) used to tell us to imagine 
> explaining the dumbest steps to boil rice.
> Do I know how to "fetch water"?  Does the wee 'magno-z 
> <http://haireemagnoz.com/home.htm>' figure?
> Also ... my personal bias here is that, is a To Do list sufficiently 
> real enough?  It needs to be described as a thing I'm familiar with.  
> Most "to do"-s are on envelopes.  Can you make it a task tracking 
> project?  I think I used an address book -- I saw your phone-number 
> question, are we thinking the same thing?
> Finally, you need a unbiased person with the equivalent "assumed" 
> knowledge to review the tutorial.  Can you teach/use it to, with a 
> friend or a non-family member?
> Before you  do this write out those 3 objectives, and at teh end find 
> a suitable question to ask and assess how that goes.  Do not give the 
> desired outcome away in the assessment question *grin*
> I CC-ed my friend Gayle, she knows not much on computers, she knows 
> about training adults.  I think I "know too much" to give an unbiased 
> review.  I know OG is a step beyond everything except a 4GL or NeXT.
> If you can get them, George's videos are excellent examples for a 
> first Nitro app.  Non-trivial and simple as pie.  I wrote step-by-step 
> expose-s on the first and second ones.  That got lost in the 
> "non-wiki" on nitro.org <http://nitro.org>.
> Because a lot does happen in Nitro "by magick", it is much more 
> important to explain the dumb, trite, and "obviously" stuff such that 
> the reader/student gets to take in ALL he/she gets with Nitro, or Og, 
> for free.
> *  Why n ot have a "Og" tutorial first -- and then you can point 
> people to the Og tutorial first.  And keep the Nitro tutorial mostly 
> about Nitro and about the web sites.
> Good luck, let us know where we may assist.
> ... Will
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> with bringing this up to date, but it's
> better then before so here goes.
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> I'm not all the way through with bringing this up to date, but it's
> better then before so here goes.
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