[Nitro] Install your own Nitro dev-branch gems!

Arne Brasseur arne at arnebrasseur.net
Sat Dec 8 01:30:22 EST 2007

Matthew B Gardner schreef:
> I actually tried that too...sorry, I should have included that info.
> app.rb:3:in `require': no such file to load -- nitro (LoadError)
>         from app.rb:3
> I didn't have this problem before I switched to the darcs approach (I switched 
> b/c of the FormHelper name error).
So are you installing the gems or running the repo the directly? In the 
first case add require "rubygems" or use the RUBYOPT=-rubygems trick.

In the second case it's a little more tricky. What I do is add 
repo_dir/script to the include path and then require "lib/glycerin" 
which should take care of setting the load path correctly for 

So I have a little script called setnitro which looks like this:

export PATH=/home/plexus/work/nitro_repo/nitro/bin:$PATH
export WORK=$HOME/work
export RUBYOPT="-rubygems -I$WORK/nitro_repo/script -rlib/glycerin 
-I$WORK/facets_trunk/lib/core -I$WORK/facets_trunk/lib/more 
-I/home/plexus/work/blow_svn/trunk/lib -I$WORK/blow_svn/trunk/lib 
-I$WORK/english_svn/trunk/lib -I$WORK/opod_svn/trunk/lib"

But if you're using gems apart from nitro/og you can truncate the last 
line to

export RUBYOPT="-rubygems -I$WORK/nitro_repo/script -rlib/glycerin"

Then "source" it in your shell by using the dot:

. setnitro

This should change your current environment settings, after that you 
should be able to simply launch "nitro" in the same dir as app.rb.

Good luck, keep us posted on how it goes.

> Thanks again for any help,
> Matt
> On Saturday 08 December 2007 00:22, Arne Brasseur wrote:
>> Matthew B Gardner schreef:
>>> That installed them (had to install RedCloth too though, or else raw
>>> failed). Like the other user, I had to add exec permissions for nitro as
>>> well. I am encountering a problem, though -- trying to run the TodoList
>>> from the tutorial:
>>> app.rb:3:in `require': no such file to load -- nitro_and_og (LoadError)
>>>         from app.rb:3
>> That usage is deprecated, I'll go through the tutorial myself over the
>> weekend to update it. Just do
>> require "nitro"
>> require "og"
>> (ab)
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