[Nitro] Install your own Nitro dev-branch gems!

Arne Brasseur arne at arnebrasseur.net
Thu Dec 6 21:50:27 EST 2007

The easiest way to try out the latest and greatest, assuming you have 
ruby, rubygems, rake and darcs installed.

Get the repo:
  darcs get http://repo.nitroproject.org

Build the gems

  cd repo.nitroproject.org
  rake dist:all

Install them

  cd dist #very important!
  for a in facets english opod blow glue og raw nitro; do sudo gem 
install $a;done

Successfully installed facets-2.1.3
Successfully installed english-0.1
Successfully installed opod-0.0.1
Successfully installed blow-0.3.3
Successfully installed glue, version 0.50.0
Successfully installed og, version 0.50.0
Successfully installed raw, version 0.50.0
Successfully installed nitro, version 0.50.0

Try it!

  cd ../nitro/demo/hello
  RUBYOPT=-rubygems nitro

For the blog adapt nitro/demo/blog/conf/debug.rb according to your DB 
setup. Hint: Og.setup(:adapter => :sqlite)
In the demo/blog directory:

  RUBYOPT='-rubygems -I../../../part/lib' nitro

(This does assume the attached patch has been committed.)

Have fun!


Arne Brasseur
arne at arnebrasseur.net

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