[Nitro] Og draft DBI adapter with Sequel.

Mark Van De Vyver mvyver at gmail.com
Sun Dec 2 23:13:03 EST 2007

Hi Devs,
Attached is the 'darcs record; darcs send' of my current copy of the repo.

It contains the prototype/proof-of-concept of a DBI adapter and Sequel
functionality. Fro further info see some of the specs and docs
 - the Sequel/Og::Model specs have proved tricky to get running all at
once and I'm not yet sure what is going on there.
Better minds might be able to work this out.

Be aware this is in the spirit of 'release-early'.  Some changes are
at Og's lower levels, e.g. #execute.
At the moment _all_ you should expect is that 'rake test:og' should
show some passing specs :)

In case you wonder 'Why Sequel?', or 'Doesn't Og already do xyz?', the reasons:
 - Sequel was documented, and I figured it'd be quicker to try spot
weld Sequel onto Og than try to 'internalize' Og's code.
 - Sequel is actively developed, so by keeping as much of the Sequel
code-structure I could hopefully tap into the rich vein of code/ideas
in that project.
 - Sequel seemed to offer a natural fit (DataMapper functionality
might be able to be incorporated?)

Where to?
Well I'm not sure... there is no Og issue tracker or wiki so whether,
or how anything can be discussed/incorporated into Og remains to be
Hopefully an active and vibrant Og community will spring up shortly.

Please let me know if I've mangled anything in the attached.

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