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Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Fri Aug 31 16:38:06 EDT 2007


> Honestly I don't "believe" that modular it the distinguishing factor.  Clear
> and Concise would be better terms.
> Lots of things can be "modular"  with no functional benefit.

I can certainly agree to this.

> Discrete and easy to understand would not require "modules".  It is just
> nicer to package things in units (or containers).
> I think we see this a lot, a "buzz word" makes a statement and we tend to
> make it a description.  Really, it is a label for a string of attributes
> that fit-well-with modular (or the particular buzz word).

Let me explain how the Ramaze logging looks like:

loggers:  Informer, LogHub, Analogger, Syslog, Growl (and one I forgot)
where all of them adhere to a certain interface.

these all can be set as the main logger, for example:

* Ramaze::Global.logger = Informer.new
* .. = LogHub.new(Informer.new, Growl.new)

Maybe you're right in that this might be better described as 'clear' instead
of modular.

Me being a non-native, I might have a mis-conception on if that is really
'modules' or not, or if it even classifies as 'modular'.
Do I misuse the word if I use it for 'single pieces can be ripped out and
completely replaced by something else'?

Maybe it's just allways been abused or I'm just generally confused.  ;)


Feel the love

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