[Nitro] Testing the whole website with GET/POST

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Fri Aug 31 16:38:02 EDT 2007


> Including techniques such as vcr_record / vcr_playback, I was
> wondering if anyone might be able to share tips for testing
> a site "externally"... ?
> I'd kind of like to be able to exercise the site logic from
> the point of view of a "browser".
> Anyone have any tips on that?  (Or alternative approaches?)

I use a slightly alternative approach.  For external tests I
have recently used WWW::Mechanize.  It's really good at 'emulating'
a browser.  Testing like that makes you work on your actual
html output to produce good easy html, so it can be easily screen-
I really liked it, it doesn't take too much work to recreate a
'browser visit'.  Another benefit is, it makes sure your app also
works with '1.0' type browsers, not having javascript.  ;)

Downsides, not sure yet, I've once run into a testcase which
mysteriously failed due to whatever, where a real browser
didn't react that way, there was no special behaviour there,
unsure how that could happen.

You might want to play with it.


Feel the love

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