[Nitro] Testing the whole website with GET/POST

Bill Kelly billk at cts.com
Thu Aug 30 21:28:43 EDT 2007

From: George Moschovitis
> A quick tip:
> have a look at raw/adapter/script.rb
> this is used when running nitro --console. You could use this
> infrastructure in test scripts. This is similar to Rail's integration
> testing. I plan on working on improved testing utilities real soon. 

Hi George,

The script adapter looks useful.

However, it looks like it may not be handling the session cookie
for me as I request subsequent links.

I use session to store a single value, the order_id.  But the
order_id is coming out nil each successive page I fetch. 
I presume this is because the ScriptAdaptor get/post methods
are probably not doing automatic cookie handling the way a
browser would.

I see that the Raw::Context returned by a get() contains cookie
data in @response_cookies.  However, I'm guessing that will
be server->browser cookie data, rather than browser->server
cookie data.

Is there a recommended approach for dealing with session
cookies via the ScriptAdapter?



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