[Nitro] OG and DBI: driver option name

Mark Van De Vyver mvyver at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 04:28:58 EDT 2007

I'd appreciate any suggestions/comments on the following issue.

In OG, adapters are specializations of a SQL store.
DBI supports many database drivers.
I suppose my issue is the blurring/overlap of adapters and drivers.

So is DBI the adapter, or is DBIMySQL to be the adapter.  A problem
with the later approach is there will be as many Dbi<vendor>Adapter
classes as dbi supports.... 13 from a current count.

If I use a class DbiAdapter then it's initialize method would need to
handle which 'flavor'/'backend'/'driver' (anyone suggest a 'correct'
term to use) of dbi.  This could not come from the current
options[:adapter], because that should be 'dbi':
That is in

This suggests an additional option is needed if DBI is used.  Any
suggestion to improve on using :dbi_driver?


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