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* William william.full.moon at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 02:19:12 EDT 2007

Hmmm ...

Honestly I don't "believe" that modular it the distinguishing factor.  Clear
and Concise would be better terms.

Lots of things can be "modular"  with no functional benefit.

Discrete and easy to understand would not require "modules".  It is just
nicer to package things in units (or containers).

I think we see this a lot, a "buzz word" makes a statement and we tend to
make it a description.  Really, it is a label for a string of attributes
that fit-well-with modular (or the particular buzz word).


On 29/08/07, Jonathan Buch <john at oxyliquit.de> wrote:
> Hi,
> >> structure is a little less opaque, some things are way more modular
> >> (like pluggable Logger classes/caches/cache backends),
> >
> > Nitro is totally modular in this respect too...
> >
> > but anw, I get your point.
> yes, modular, but very different.  :)
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