[Nitro] Latest darcs pull gives errors on postgresql

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Tue Aug 28 21:11:23 EDT 2007


>> This is smelly.  :/
> Duh :)
> That's why I didn't submit it in patch/diff form. ;)
> By "for what it's worth", i meant, on the chance that it may help
> to illustrate a particular point in the code where the issue
> manifested.

ah of course, my full 'train of thought' went somhow along these
lines:  huh... yes, problem, how fix, hrm, yes worked around, works,
hrm, smells awful, how can do better, ask for specifics, present
preliminary slightly less smelly alternative.

My posting is a little 'impulsive' sometimes, I will however apologize
if I realize I offended someone gravely.  ;)


Feel the love

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