[Nitro] OG and ruby-dbi

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Tue Aug 28 17:49:40 EDT 2007


> I'm a committer on rspec, and I'll be happy to help you to use rspec to
> describe nitro/og behaviour (either via this list or directly).
> Also, the rspec community itself is very helpful and responsive (mail
> lists at http://rubyforge.org/mail/?group_id=797).

this is interesting.  :D

If I could give you a little task which might look a little daunting at
I once wrote this humongous parameter handling Unit::Test for Nitro
(which is sadly still incomplete though.  :P)  This should be converted
to RSpec, but I used special/custom Test::Unit 'assertions' to make
life easier there.
Now my question, could you have a look inside that one and say if one
could convert these assertions to valid and 'true to' rspec?
If you could provide a 'buffer' so to speak, I could then just convert
that huge file using your 'facilities'.  :)

Would be sweet if you'd be up for that, no pressure though.  :)


Feel the love

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