[Nitro] OG and ruby-dbi

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Tue Aug 28 17:49:39 EDT 2007


> As a exercise in 'cutting-my-teeth', I thought to try and implement a
> DBI adapter for OG.  Googling the nitro mail-list archive showed one
> previous question about this and it didn't suggest that this is
> 'impossible'/fraught with difficulty - is this still the case?
> Of course this may be redundant, but my main goal is to get to know
> OG/Ruby/ORM etc.

a worthy goal, nice.  ^_^

It is quite doable, and without that much effort actually, the 'needed'
interface is quite easy.  Best would be to look inside either the
Postgresql or Oracle adapters, those have the most 'overrides'.

> I noticed the test folder in OG is relatively sparse, and I was
> intending to try and use R-spec as I went along....

The test folder should even be non-existant.  The spec/ folder is the
new 'home'.  :)
Do `rake test og` inside the nitro project dir to test the og rspecs.

> I'll be looking at how other projects have used DBI (and have already
> seen some tips), but I'd appreciate an opportunity to ask
> questions/get advice.

Sure, I'll sure try to help if you run into troubles implementing that.
Don't hesitate to ask.  :)

> A couple of questions.
> Which is the most active/preferred communication forum, the mail-list
> or the freenode irc channel? (I'm in Sydney,Oz so that might rule irc
> out, but I have ome flexibility in my work hours)

Both?  If I'm present on IRC, this might be faster and thus preferred,
but the ML is good of course.  :)
I'm 'Kashia' or 'Jo[work]' on IRC btw.

> Any objections/gotchas to using R-spec to do the specs/BDD with OG?

Just have a look inside one or two other specs for og, it's quite easy
to use.  Though, some specs are still failing, haven't gotten around to
fix all of them yet.

> I'd appreciate any assistance/advice :)

Like I said, as a startingpoint I'd see the oracle/psql adapters.  I
would love the specs to be fixed... but a well.  If you could run it
once with mysql/psql and see what fails there, you should still be
able to use the testsuite for validation purposes.


Feel the love

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