[Nitro] Nitro

Jan Provazník jan.provaznik at solnet.cz
Fri Aug 24 17:25:44 EDT 2007

George Moschovitis:
> Out of couriosity...
> is anyone using (or plans to use) Nitro? Or are you all just interested in
> Og?
> thanks,
> -g.

Yes. We are moving our product (WebIS - enterprise groupware, currently 
running on +-150 servers, tens-hundreds users per server) on Nitro 

Currently, I'm (quite successfully) testing WebIS with Nitro pre0.50, 
but for the present it doesn't use much of Nitro power yet (because of 
compatibility with older WebIS version).

I will send some small patches soon - pre0.50 is currently hardcoded to 
use CookieSession, and also some of session classes (e.g. 
raw/context/session/file.rb) are not prepared for 0.50, but that are 

Regards, Jenik.

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