[Nitro] Nitro

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Fri Aug 24 14:00:40 EDT 2007


> I've been pondering using it for the web-portion of my project, but I'm
> curious about two things mostly: how does it compare with Rails (if that's a
> reasonable question to address), and what's the state of the documentation --
> just the rdocs?

the state of documentation is... just the rdocs I guess.  :)   Well, that is
if you don't count oxyliquit, which is only ever as good as people want it
to be.  :P

But, there have been benchmarks showing a clear speed advantage of Nitro
over Rails.   Kirk Haines for example did one, classifying us somewhere
in the middle of IOWA and Rails (where IOWA of course shines, Kirk does a
lot of things for speed and memory usage there which Nitro doesn't).


Feel the love

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