[Nitro] The has_one/belongs_to relationship

Arne Brasseur arne at arnebrasseur.net
Sat Aug 18 04:27:05 EDT 2007

Matthew B Gardner schreef:
> Hello, I've tried rather hard to figure this relationship out, but I just 
> can't get it to work correctly on the has_one end. I have some classes that 
> utilize the has_many/belongs_to relationship, and those work fine.
> The two classes are:
> class Account
> 	has_one :character, Character
> end
> class Character
> 	belongs_to :account, Account
> end
> When I initialize Character, I assign the passed account to its account 
> variable, and the relationship is established (and saved properly to the 
> database). When I try to assign the created character to Account#character, 
> however, it treats the character variable as a local variable. For instance, 
> in Account:
> character = Character.create msg.capitalize, self
> save!
> Checking character outside of that method returns nil, and the character_oid 
> database field is NULL. I tried using self.character and experienced the same 
> results.
I would love to help you but I don't know much about Og though. The lead 
developer George is currently on vacations, he should be back in a few 
days. If you don't get an answer by then please ask again.

The other Og guy Jonathan just finished his job in Finland, I imagine 
he's also taking a break.

I notice some new blood on the mailing list, welcome to Nitro! Please 
hang on if it takes a while to get your questions answered and issues 
solved. Things move slow around here sometimes. On the other hand I have 
spoken to George recently and he's planning to devote more time to 
Nitro, in fact he's working on it right now while on vacations.

My contract ends in a week, from September on I will be studying abroad. 
That should also give me more time for Nitro.

Please keep sending any stories of success or failure. If you have a 
small app that exhibits a problem, feel free to just send the whole app. 
We'll analyze it together, should be educational for all.


Arne Brasseur
arne at arnebrasseur.net

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