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Mon Aug 13 20:05:01 EDT 2007

>From gmosx.myopenid.com 
Date: Mon Aug 13 08:24:48 UTC 2007
Subject: Drop the default og prefix from tables
Message-ID: http://www.nitroproject.org/fora/posts/view/cN2wV8sxyr3k-VeJeZaaqU

Dear devs,

I am thinking about droping the 'og' prefix from model tables by default (the setting will stay). From what I see you can have safe table names by using backtick (`) in mysql and double quotes (") in Postgresql. What do you thinkg?


>From gmosx.myopenid.com 
Date: Mon Aug 13 08:27:54 UTC 2007
Subject: Unicodechars in facets
Message-ID: http://www.nitroproject.org/fora/posts/view/aw9PtIsxCr3k-VeJeZaaqU


have you seen the unicode-chars gem ?


I think it would be a great inclusion in facets or something. I am not sure if this is up-to-date with the latest rails code.


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