[Nitro] Og table prefix

Rui Miguel ravage at fragmentized.net
Mon Aug 13 07:54:46 EDT 2007


I like the default also, and think it's safer and more intuitive for  
databases with managed and unmanaged tables all together.

Rui Miguel

On Aug 13, 2007, at Aug 13 - 11:13, Jonathan Buch wrote:

> Hi,
>> I am thinking about droping the 'og' prefix from model tables by  
>> default
>> (the setting will stay). From what I see you can have safe table  
>> names by
>> using backtick (`) in mysql and double quotes (") in Postgresql.  
>> What do you
>> think?
> I happen to like the prefix, as I often use psql and it's tab  
> trigger to
> autocomplete table names.  Having the 'og' prefix makes things  
> easier for me.
> As you (if you don't do more low level db stuff) never really  
> specify the
> table name at all, they could be hashes instead of good sounding  
> names.  ;)
> That said, I just see no real benefit other than 'looks slightly  
> better from
> the outside' and vote against.
> Jo
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