[Nitro] CLI libs in Facets or not?

Trans transfire at gmail.com
Fri Aug 10 21:34:17 EDT 2007

I'm am down to my final significant organizational decision for Facets
2.0 (Talk about your wild rides. I seriously doubt any code in the
universe has been poked and prodded and shoved around as much a
Facets' code has). The final question is whether to move the cli libs
out to their own project. This includes ansicode.rb, command.rb,
arguments.rb, progressbar.rb, and a few others. If I do keep them in
Facets, I'm considering moving them to a CLI:: namespace and put them
in a facets/cli/ subdir. On the other hand, and why this is a
question, the CLI libs are probably some of the most useful/reusable
code in the whole library. So maybe for that reason it merits a
separate project?

I'm not sure. I'm torn between the two choices. On one hand I like the
idea of these libs being readily available from Facets --don't need to
worry about installing something else, and so forth. On the other
hand, I can see how they can stand out as it a strong library in its
own right.

What is the Glycerider take?


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