[Nitro] Preparing nitro 0.50

arne at arnebrasseur.net arne at arnebrasseur.net
Fri Aug 10 03:25:00 EDT 2007

> From: "Rui Miguel" <ravage at fragmentized.net>
>> Check this http://www.arnebrasseur.net/2007/07/01/the-daily-nitro/en/
>> Hope it helps.

Regarding that article, if you have any issues (or suggestions) with it
please report so I can improve it.

> Has "property" been completely eliminated in favor of
> "attr_accessor" ?

AFAIK yes. The new trend in Nitro is to stick to standard Ruby idioms, so
attr_accessor instead of property, include (or is) instead of helper.

(George, Jonathan, any others like this? interesting for the release

> Looks like the "setting" method is gone, too....

Much code still uses settings from facets, I suppose that's what you're
looking for. Maybe it just isn't loaded where you are using it.

> Time to look at some running example code I guess. :)

There are quite a few breaking changes since 0.42. The blog example should
be a good starting point.

Good luck!

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