[Nitro] Facets Annotations, Og startup speed

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Wed Apr 25 06:15:27 EDT 2007


>>> just for the interested, by fixing up some more stuff and also going
>>> into facets, number's down to ~2200 and 16 second boot time.
>> what exactly have you fixed?
> And if you have any idea where the excessive calls into facets reside,  
> let me know as well.

the general gist is, that there are ann() calls all over the place,
many of them in loops, some of them aggregating information which
can be cached, then for example the :text_key annotation, but it's mostly
about avoiding to call methods which call annotations.
Og::Manager#enchant spawned a good part of them, serializeable_attributes
is very costly, Klass.primary_key, Module#attr_callback and many

Even now I'm not quite sure where it really spends the rest of the time
in, only 16% is used for DB connection + queries.  This tells me that
there should be some more air to optimize, without removing needed
functionality.  But I'm ok for the moment with 16 seconds.


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