[Nitro] Facets Annotations, Og startup speed

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Wed Apr 25 02:21:30 EDT 2007


>> I've gotten that down to 30 seconds now (and only a little over 5000
>> calls to ann()).  This clearly shows that annotations are really a
>> bottleneck for Og at that point.  I haven't done any profiling running
>> queries yet, so there might be some 'air' for improvement as well.
> What kind of optimizations are you referring too? Should we expect a  
> patch? ;-)

Yes, we should expect a patch.  :P

It's just the problem that this is my works' repo and there are many
other changes in it, like postgresql array types, refers_many
(a has_many/refers_to hybrid with psql arrays) and other stuff I've
already forgotten.

> I will have a look at the Og startup code next week. (but you can still
> remind me about that)

A working test suite is more important at this point, as I made quite
some changes the chances are good that I messed up somewhere.
I would've tested it, but now with rspec and test::unit I don't know
how to start the unit tests anymore and if they're still valid..


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