[Nitro] Facets Annotations, Og startup speed

transfire at gmail.com transfire at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 00:01:34 EDT 2007

On Apr 24, 1:04 pm, "Jonathan Buch" <j... at oxyliquit.de> wrote:
> Hi,
> I did some profiling of a starting Og application, this is the raw startup,
> table creation and ObjectSpace search shut off.
> Fields from left to right (see attached image):
>     %Total   |   %Self  |   Total  |  Self  |  Children  |  Calls  |  Name
> This is for 41 Models, and needed 90 seconds for my little machine
> to start.  (This is actually after my first round of optimization, it was
> ~23500 calls before.)
> (I shocked Kirk Haines with the 90 second startup, him asking if I was
> running a Pentium2 and having 3000 tables :P)
> I've gotten that down to 30 seconds now (and only a little over 5000
> calls to ann()).  This clearly shows that annotations are really a
> bottleneck for Og at that point.  I haven't done any profiling running
> queries yet, so there might be some 'air' for improvement as well.
> Can we do anything to speed annotations up?  Or is it just the number
> of times it gets called.  (5000 is still huge)

What version of Nitro/Facets?


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